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History Behind G’Town Bootcamps & G’Town Fast-n-Fit

G’Town Bootcamps was established in 2004 by Dave Schmitz, a Physical Therapist, a certified strength & conditioning specialist.  Dave’s goal was to develop a fitness community that allowed individuals to not only workout regularly but also learn how to properly exercise their body so they could continue doing all the things they love to do as they grew older.

Dave’s 20+ years of experience as an orthopedic physical therapist and his vast knowledge of the how the body moves has allowed him the opportunity to help 100’s of adults get better through proper exercise while encouraging them to make fitness a life-style.

It did not stop there. In 2006, Dave held his first summer speed and conditioning camp which he called G’Town Fast-n-Fit. While continuing to run his summer Fast-n-Fit Camps, in 2009 at the request of the Germantown High School Football Coaches, Dave began volunteering his time to develop Germantown Power. G’Town Power was an after school strength and conditioning program created to provide off-season athletes with a structured professionally designed  training program  focused on developing athletic strength, speed and power. Combining G’Town Power with G’Town Fast-n-Fit Camps provided Dave the ability to create a year-round youth training opportunity for Germantown High School male and female athletes.

Thanks to a tremendous amount of community support  by coaches and parents, G’Town Fast-n-Fit has been able to successfully allow 1000’s of young athletes the opportunity to perform at a high level and stay injury free while competing in the sport they enjoy.




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Group Training

G’Town Bootcamps was Germantown’s first group based fitness camp that was started in 2004. The goal of the camp was to build an adult fitness community where people could workout, learn and share information on how to stay “fit for life” by working out weekly with like minded supportive teammates while following a training philosophy developed around improving movement (not just muscle) strength, coordination, balance, flexibility and function.

Using continuously looped resistance bands and body weight as the primary training tools, participants are able to work out in group format while following an individualized interval strength and cardio training program. Every total body workout is time based (vs. rep based) and put to music which allows everyone to train at their own specific fitness level with no concerns of being over challenged.

Following this program format, it has allowed G’Town Bootcamps to become a community where everyone is truly able to Get BETTER Together.

To learn more or to set up a time to take part in a FREE Workout Contact Dave at Dave@resistancebandtraining.com or call 262–305-4753.

G'town Fast-n-Fit

G’Town Fast-n-Fit Performance Training Summer Camps are designed around the philosophy of slowly creating perfect movement patterns which in turn results in creating better athleticism.

The very first Fast-n-Fit Camp was held at Kinderberg Park in 2006 where 10 male middle school athletes participated in a unique exercise program that focused on improving movement skills and movement efficiency. Fast forward to the 2014, G’Town Fast-n-Fit Summer Camps have grown into 3 unique 6 week camps that train over 200 high school and middle school male as well as female athletes.

G’Town Fast-n-Fit camps teach athletes how to maximize their strength, flexibility and speed while providing them with a structured workout designed to put function first. With unique approach, it allows a wide range of athletes to work out in a large group setting and not feel the peer pressure under achieving which can often occur during these years of development.

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Telephone – (262) 305-4753 Email – Dave@resistancebandtraining.com Please contact us with any question on either the Youth or Adult Camps.